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Northland Training Institute is focused on providing high-quality American Red Cross, Law Enforcement/Security, and Self Defense training - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
We are now partnered with Exclusive Training and Consulting LLC for law enforcement training services.

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New!  Now offering private investigator services!

I primarily offer pre-employment / general background checks, skip-tracing (people location), and divorce / custody character surveillance.  Short-term armed protection/escort is also available.  Please contact me through the contact page to get more information.

CPR classes
Check the "Courses" tab for more information on these offerings:

- Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers
CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers
First Aid CPR/AED for Lay Responders
- Babysitter Training

Missouri licensed childcare providers and youth development professionals are eligible for 4 hours through the Missouri Workshop Calendar!! 
Non-traditional women’s self defense training
We offer what we call a ‘non-traditional’ class.  There are 2 main differences that set us apart from ‘traditional’ self defense classes. 
First, we focus heavily on education in the area of prevention.  We believe that education leads to preparation, which is the key to being empowered to take control of your surroundings.  A solid 2 hours is dedicated to educating women on the following topics:
  • Legal requirements for using force in defense situations (Missouri and Kansas laws are covered)
  • Elements of home security
  • Principles of avoiding confrontation
  • Types of attackers
  • Mindset of a rapist
  • Effects of critical stress on the body
  • The ‘Survival Mindset’
  • Situational awareness
  • Personal Weapons
Second, we eliminate techniques that simply do not work.  Many classes teach techniques such as gouging an attackers eyes with keys (or thumbs / fingers, etc.), for example.  A recent survey of emergency rooms across California revealed that these injuries are not being seen.  This means that either the technique is ineffective, or that women being attacked are not attempting it. 
Many classes also teach strikes that are delivered to an attacker’s upper torso.  Experience shows that these strikes are also ineffective is fending off an attacker.  Developing the skills necessary to making these types of strikes effective takes much more time than what is allowed for in one class.
These, and other examples, are why we avoid what does not work, and focus on what does.  We utilize principles of Systema, a Russian martial art, and principles of bio-mechanics to escape and/or overcome an attacker.  These principles are the same that our lead instructor teaches to law enforcement in defensive tactics classes in both an Academy and advanced settings.
It is important to state that none of the above is meant to say that other classes are not effective.  We are simply stating that research and experience have shown that a change is needed in what we teach, and how we teach it to prepare you for real-world encounters.  We do not claim to have all the answers, but we believe that what we do teach is effective in the real world.
If you see a class you would like to take but there is not a time listed that works for you, please contact us to discuss a schedule

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